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Cliff Sellery


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About Us

SellerySignals is the brainchild of Cliff Sellery, an investment manager with more than four decades of experience in the financial services industry. Together with his sons, Sam and Joe Sellery, also with years in the investment world, he formed SellerySignals.

How SellerySignals Began
As a classic stock and commodity broker in the mid-1970s, Cliff obtained his Series 7 in 1977 with a regional investment firm in Indiana. He initially managed a small commodity pool based upon technical analysis, while also teaching classes about it in the late 1970s.

Throughout his forty-plus years of investment experience, Cliff worked on individual production; became a fee-based, discretionary portfolio manager for a national firm; served as a senior portfolio manager within a global bank; managed large-cap growth portfolios on a purely technical basis; moved into institutional consulting until the financial crisis, which precipitated his return to individual management after the recession.

Cliff’s investment experience always underscored the power of technical analysis. Why technical analysis? Because, unlike analysts on Wall Street, stock charts do not have any inherent bias that may skew investment decisions. History shows that Wall Street has had an overly-optimistic view of the markets, as shown by the chart below of a 19-year history of Wall Street’s earnings estimates as compared to actual outcomes (left side estimates vs. right side outcomes). In those 19 years, Wall Street analysts' earnings estimates were right or better in 2003, 2004, 2005, and maybe 2011—only four of the 19 years, or 21%. Which means that 79% of the time, Wall Street over-estimated the market's future value.

It was this understanding, along with Cliff’s long-standing investment experience and a half-decade of research and development on their proprietary, quantitative trading model, that led to the conception of SellerySignals and a commitment to technical analysis as the foundation for its trading signals.

Cliff and his eldest son, Sam, began writing objective, math-based algorithmic programs as a way to leverage the power of technical analysis to protect investors while allowing upside growth.. Many investment losses (trades using only their own money) and sleepless nights preceded the “ah-ha” moment in late 2015 after the surprise Chinese currency devaluation when the algorithms were finally ready. NOT PERFECT, because nothing ever is. But ready.

So Cliff retired from his more than 40 years as a Financial Advisor, a Senior Vice President, a Senior Portfolio Manager, and an Institutional Consultant as well as a CFP, CIMA, CRPS and AIF, to name just a few credentials. Together with his sons, Sam and Joe—both of whom had previously worked as Financial Advisors with him, he formed SellerySignals to provide investors with clear direction about market timing and put them in greater control of their investments as the markets change.

And SellerySignals has become their passion—to help RIAs and Financial Advisors protect their clients and to help Individual Investors protect themselves from losing their hard-earned money with badly-timed investment decisions.

Learn more about the Signal HERE.

Sam and Joe Sellery
Cliff Sellery’s sons, Sam and Joe, have more than 15 years of combined experience in the financial services industry, but two lifetimes’ worth of knowledge. Their education of personal and professional investing started in high school as father Cliff, a professional Portfolio Manager at that time, paid $5.00 for every Wall Street Journal article they read and explained back to him. Sam, SellerySignals' Chief Technical Officer, was a 2005 graduate of Miami University (Ohio) and Joe, the Head of User Experience, was a 2010 graduate of Purdue University. They joined their father’s practice after graduation to pursue a career in professional investing.

After working in a multitude of investment roles from financial planner, portfolio analyst, lead trader and client consultant, their collective observation of Wall Street and investing was that stock analysts are much less reliable than stock chart data. In other words, ‘price alone tells no lies.’


Outside of work the brothers enjoy following the world of motor sports, especially Formula 1 and Indy Car. It is the parallel between man and machine in motorsport and that of technical algorithmic investing that intrigue them so much. As motorsport enthusiasts, you can often find them holding company meetings at the local karting track where many of the current Indy Car drivers got their start. Sam and Joe both reside in Indianapolis Indiana (headquarters) where they are active in their church and with their families.

Investment Beliefs

Why do the brothers believe in Technical Analysis? Is it because they think it's so much better than fundamental analysis? No, it's because unlike an Analyst on Wall Street, a stock chart doesn't have a seemingly biased agenda. What does that mean? Wall Street has historically had an overly-optimistic view of the markets.  For example, when you type into Google 'chart Wall Street Earnings estimates missed', click 'images' and about half way down you'll find this chart. What are you looking at? A 19 year history of Wall Street's earnings estimates (left side of each line) and the actual outcome, (right side of said line). What this says is that in those 19 years Wall Street analyst's earnings estimates were right or better in '03, '04, '05, and maybe '11. Which means that 79% of the time Wall Street over-estimated the market's future value.