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Set Your Expecations

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01 / Signal

Represents the 'entry' or 'exit' of the security being monitored. To see the technical study that drives the Signal visit our 'Technical Studies' page.

Signal Indicators

Entry Signal
Exit Signal

02 / Momentum

Measures the week-to-week change in the ‘Signal’s’ momentum or 'stregnth.' Coupled with the ‘Signal’ arrow, the momentum arrow (yellow) can indicate divergences used to help forecast a potential Signal change.

Momentum Indicators

Strong Uptrend
Weak Uptrend ( Divergence )
Strong Downtrend
Weak Downtrend ( Divergence )

To see the technical study that drives the 'Momentum' read more about SellerySignals’ Technical Studies.


03 / Exposure

The endorsed weighting of the 'entry' or 'exit' signal based on the security’s current weekly bullish or bearish cycle.

In a bullish environment the signal will favor a 100% exposure on 'entry' signals and 50% exposures on 'exit' signals. Inversely, in bearish environments the signal will favor 50% exposures on 'entry' signals and 0% exposure on 'exist' signals.

Exposure Indicators

0% Exposure = Bearish CycleExit Signal
50% Exposure = Bullish CycleExit Signal
50% Exposure = Bearish CycleEntry Signal
100% Exposure = Bullish CycleEntry Signal

To see the technical study that drives the 'Exposure' visit our 'Technical Studies' page.


02 / Personalize

Use the Research Platform to personalize your account by following to additional security's important to you. Pick Your Plan

CHOOSE WHAT’S RIGHT FOR YOU You have the freedom to select as many additional securities as you want. From your current portfolio holdings to your 401(k) funds, favorite stocks, futures or currencies, if you can invest in it you can most likely monitor it with SellerySignals.

03 / Monitor

Stay current by monitoring your Signal Feed and receiving our Global Trends inter market analysis report every Saturday morning.

STAY INFORMED Quickly scan your Signal Feed on the walk into your next meeting or get nerdy with the fully enriched technical analysis-based Research Platform over a cup of coffee. Either way, we've got you covered.