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ETF Signals

How it Works

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01 / Signal

Represents the directional 'entry' or 'exit' of the security being monitored. To see the technical trading algorithm that drives the Signal arrow visit our
'About the Signal' page

Signal Indicators

Entry Signal
Exit Signal

02 / Momentum

Measures the week-to-week change in the Signal’s momentum or 'strength.' The ‘Signal’ arrow along with the momentum arrow (yellow) can identify divergences used to help forecast a potential Signal change.

Momentum Indicators

Strong Uptrend
Weak Uptrend ( Divergence )
Strong Downtrend
Weak Downtrend ( Divergence )

03 / Exposure

The endorsed weighting of the 'entry' or 'exit' Signal is based on the security’s current weekly bullish or bearish cycle.

In a bullish environment, the trading signal will favor a 100% exposure on 'entry' signals and 50% exposure on 'exit' signals. Inversely, in bearish environments the trading signal will favor 50% exposure on 'entry' signals and 0% exposure on 'exit' signals.

Exposure Indicators

0% Exposure = Bearish CycleExit Signal
50% Exposure = Bullish CycleExit Signal
50% Exposure = Bearish CycleEntry Signal
100% Exposure = Bullish CycleEntry Signal

The ETF Platform

The exceptionally crafted user interface was built to empower YOUR investment trading strategy by providing you the flexibility to 'follow' the tickers most relevant to you at any given moment.  Monitor the trading signal for years over your closely held ETF positions but maybe only weeks or months on the entry or exit opportunities you look to capitalize on near-term.  Either way, you control the throttle and the cost, not us. 

Follow these 3 simple steps and begin monitoring your ETF trading Signals.

02 / Personalize

Use 'The Signal' page to personalize your account by searching and 'following' the trading signal on additional securities important to you. Pick Your Plan

CHOOSE WHAT’S RIGHT FOR YOUSellerySingals gives YOU the freedom to monitor the trading signal over as many additional securities as you like. Consider your current stock portfolio holdings, 401(k) mutual funds, forex positions and every other prospective opportunity you seek.  If you can invest in it you can most likely monitor it with SellerySignals.

03 / Monitor

Stay current by monitoring your real-time trading Signals and receiving our Global Trends 11 market timing update every Saturday morning.

STAY INFORMED Quickly scan your trading Signals on the walk into your next meeting or get nerdy with the fully enriched technical analysis-based charting library over a cup of coffee. Either way, we've got you covered.