Disclaimer; Limitation of Liability

Referencing Section 202(a)(11)(D) of the Investment Advisers Act: SellerySignals™ is not an Investment Advisor. SellerySignals™ has built mathematical algorithms to provide information which could be helpful to You in identifying Your most desired entry and exit points for the securities You have chosen to monitor. SellerySignals™ does not make any direct investment recommendations and has no opinion regarding the signals SellerySignals™ produces. Nothing contained herein nor in any portion of the content provided to You by SellerySignals ™ should
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The information received by You from SellerySignals™ through the Website is for Your own personal use. Investing involves a great deal of risk and You accept all risks associated with following any signal which may include complete loss of capital, without recourse to or liability of SellerySignals™. SellerySignals™ provides information designed to educate the general public. This information does not take into account all of the unique circumstances which affect an individual’s decisions and nothing in the services provided by SellerySignals™ should be deemed personalized advice that is tailored to Your needs. Historic statistics including rates of return are calculated using the weekly closing price and do not take into account the reinvestment of dividends, trading commissions or brokerage and advisory fees. Past performance does not guarantee or represent the potential of future returns. Nothing contained herein should be construed as a warranty of investment results. All risks, losses and costs associated with investing are Your responsibility, and You acknowledge and agree that You may not recover any losses or the amount invested from SellerySignals™. While SellerySignals™ attempts to ensure that the information on the Website is accurate and complete, SellerySignals™ is not responsible or liable in any way for any inaccuracy or omission in the information on the Website. The Website and the information contained on the Website is provided for Your use “AS IS” without any warranty (whether express or implied) of any kind.

The failure of SellerySignals™ to insist on strict compliance with the Terms of Service or any other course of conduct on its part will not be deemed a waiver of the rights of SellerySignals™ under the Terms of Service.

SellerySignals™ quantitative model calculates using data provided by Xignite®. Not all data is in real-time and therefore the signals provided by SellerySignals™ may not be in real-time. Data provider, Xignite does not adjust charts for splits or dividend distributions which may affect the signal. When in question it is advised to consult a secondary source such as Yahoo Finance to confirm whether a split or dividend has occurred on a particular security. The model of SellerySignals™ was specifically built to provide weekly tactical signals for the investor community. The signal is not considered an official signal until 5:01 PM Friday eastern standard time, OR one half-hour after the closing price is struck of the market in which securities You are monitoring are traded.

1Index/Security: SellerySignals™ withholds the right to change the security or index it tracks for the indices within its base package, Global Trends. The choice by SellerySignals™ of any security or index does not reflect the recommendation of SellerySignals™ that You invest in any specific security or index.

2Signal: SellerySignals™ provides arrows that reflect its quantitative model but not its opinion on any security. Other fundamental or technical metrics should be considered when evaluating the security in question. It is recommended You consult the advice of an investment professional before taking action.

3Momentum: SellerySignals™ uses this indicator to help You understand the week-to-week strength or power of the signal. It is meant to help forecast a potential signal change (yellow arrows), however, it may lag a signal change when a security moves sharply.

4Exposures: SellerySignals™ exposures are based on its quantitative model as a representation of confidence in the upward direction of the security being monitored and should not be used as portfolio allocation recommendations.