Coming Attractions

Project Pipeline

Coming Attractions

Below are some 'coming attractions' SellerySignals plans on adding over time to enhance your research experience.

1. Portfolio Builder: This will allow you to add securities you follow to a portfolio, model a collective historical risk and return and submit to 'follow' the Signals for that portfolio.  

Items you will be able to model

  • Percentage allocation per ticker
  • Historic statistics per ticker based on SellerySignal or Buy and Hold

This will give you unprecedented flexibility to model a portfolio that can either fully implement a SellerySignals approach or a combination of SellerySignals and Buy and Hold.

2. Securities Screener: We know this is a big one and we will be working hard to bring this to our users as soon as possible. Our goal is to provide a mechanism that would allow you to screen securities by index using the following criteria.
  • Security Type: stock, ETF, mutual fund, forex
  • Entry Signal or Exit Signal
  • Number of weeks since Signal triggered
  • Exposure: 100%, 50%, 0%