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With around 18,000 investment funds (ICI), 5,000 publicly traded companies, currencies, and indexes, there are literally thousands of investments you can monitor with SellerySignals. Here, we've provided you a visual understanding of how the trading signal performs when laid over securtities with varying personalities. Use this Case Study to understand how the signal reacts to different security's price action over the same time horizon.

Historic statistics including rates-of-return are calculated using the weekly closing price and do not take into account the reinvestment of dividends, trading commissions or brokerage and advisory fees. Past performance does not guarantee or represent the potential for future returns. Statistics may be distorted when viewing a time horizon shorter than one year. Data provider, Xignite does not adjust charts for splits or dividend distributions which may affect the signal. When in question it is advised to consult a secondary source such as Yahoo Finance to confirm whether a split or dividend has occurred on a particular security.

Spotlight: Case Studies.

Case Study: Apple Inc. vs General Mills (9/17/2012 – 6/ 6/2016)

Typically speaking, you should know that the trading system is looking for directional change.  The greater the directional change [whether up or down] the better the signal will perform. As an example of this, observe these first two images with the signal applied over Apple.

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However, when a security is caught jostling within a price range, also known as ‘consolidation,’ the security may draw in undesired signals that may produce set-backs in the overall process.  Note that the longer a sideways pattern persists, the greater the potential performance erosion.  This can be seen by observing the signal laid over General Mills in the following two images.   

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Use the calculator button on the charts to gain a historical perspective of how the trading signal has worked over time.  However, don’t get too caught-up in the past as it has no guarantee of the future.  Please keep this in mind for both good and bad results.  The most important signal to you is always the one right in front of you.

For a deeper dive, both good and bad, view the videos below.

Some Good

Some Not So Good

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